Happy Birthday Datotel!

It was this week, five years ago that we started Datotel. Although the main focus of reducing our clients Total Cost of Ownership and exposure to the risk of downtime and data loss has remained the same over the years, we’ve come a long way in the breadth of technical solutions we can bring to bear in order to help our clients achieve those goals. In those five years we’ve built up our expertise, capabilities and systems from basic colocation services to now include a comprehensive hosted managed services platform.

We’ve grown from a handful of employees to 38, and from a small number of early customers to those in the local area alone numbering in the hundreds today. Even through this period of fast growth, we’ve been very careful not to compromise our Core Values or loose our focus on the client and their needs.

We’re extremely grateful for all of our customers, partners and friends that have worked with us along the way and helped transform us into who we are today. We’re glad to have you on our journey!

Thanks again for your commitment, faith and help in building Datotel.

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