Mobile Technology: Staying Connected

Do you remember when we didn’t have smartphones or PDAs?  How about mobile phones all together?  Mobile technology really has come a long way.  Today, business people are able to remain connected with their colleagues, clients and up-to-the-minute happenings taking place all around the world…and all within the palm of their hand.

Plain and simple, staying connected and remaining available and on top of things 24/7 is not only important for businesses nowadays, it’s expected.   At Datotel, we strive to make sure that our offerings allow our customers to employ new mobile technologies and that their employees are able to stay connected so that they can increase efficiencies and capabilities.

There are many Web sites and online stories that offer good mobile technology tips. For example, here is a link to one Web site that offers some very simple mobile technology advice.

What are some other Web sites or recent online news stories that offer mobile technology tips or advice?

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