Technology – What every CEO should know

1.    You don’t have to “be down” to be out – of business.

Data protection is only effective when the data that is being protected is also highly available.  The ability to access data quickly and effectively can mean the difference between a timely decision, and a costly delay.  Many IT providers tout “five nines (99.999%) of up time.”  But it’s not just the rare network shutdown that can catastrophically interrupt your business; rather it’s the constant daily slowdowns and IT inefficiencies that strangle a business every second of every day.

2.    In-house IT is the new black hole of asset allocation.

What if the CEO of asked you, “Should we stop using UPS and build our own dock-to-door delivery network?”  You wouldn’t even have to crunch the numbers to tell him, “Not unless you want to crush your company with lethal debt.” Focusing on a core set of competencies allows a company to operate more effectively in the long run, and even category leaders like Amazon have to live by the logic of scale.  Yet, that very logic is often ignored by mid-sized companies that think that owning their own IT (and hemorrhaging red ink in both personnel and asset-allocation) is the path to performance/price cost-effectiveness.

3.    People are replaceable.   Company data isn’t.

The most important part of a business is its data.  Everything else can be replaced, but if your intellectual capital is compromised, then so is your business.  Datotel knows a thing or two about data protection.  We spent $7 million on just the build-out of our 24/7 colocation datacenter.  We electronically monitor every single cable in our facility, and we have redundancy in every solution we offer.  We could go on and on, but the point is this: your business is only as secure as its data, and your data would be more secure when protected by us.

We’re Datotel.  We implement customized, cost-effective IT solutions designed to help improve the business of companies like yours.

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