Lowering your Total Cost of Ownership – Managed Virtual Servers

With a tight credit market and a slowing economy, companies are faced with many challenges: How can they lower costs, improve margins, continue to ensure the quality of their service or products and maintain their competitive edge? Essentially, how can they do more with less?

Technology and the infrastructure supporting the operation understandably come under scrutiny at these times. Moving to a Managed Virtual Server environment has allowed many of our clients to achieve their goal of lowering their Total Cost of Ownership while maintaining their competitive edge provided by their existing business operations and further gaining the technological advantages of a virtualized environment. In a managed environment, Datotel provides the virtual server and our experienced engineers manage it 24×7 on your behalf.

Whether you are running a single server or a more complex environment, our Virtual Server offering coupled with our Engineers expertise and oversight can help you reduce your Total Cost of ownership of your infrastructure while also reducing your risk of downtime.

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