Virtual Servers

Virtualization and in particular, server virtualization is a fast growing part of our business. We’ve had our managed virtual server environment up and running for a couple of years now and continue to add and update it at an ever increasing pace. Our primary environment is built upon a Dell and EMC hardware stack with VMWare managing and provisioning the virtual environments. Through this environment, regardless of the servers function, whether it is running an Oracle database, acting as a web server or even just a domain controller, we’ve successfully helped our customers achieve greater availability, scalability and lower total cost of ownership.

By virtualizing a server, it becomes hardware independent and can be seamlessly moved from one physical device to another. As the processing load or requirements on any one virtual server changes, the system manages the overall physical server farm and resources to make sure the virtual servers requirements can be met in real time while achieving a much higher utilization rate than independent servers alone. Likewise, if a physical component of a server fails or requires maintenance, the system moves the virtual servers off that piece of hardware onto another device to keep them up and running. Becoming hardware independent, also means that increasing memory, CPU, storage or other attributes to any virtual server is simply a software configuration change and can not only be done quickly but for little additional expense.

Next step virtual desktops: We’ve got 75 or so virtual desktops under end user beta testing right now. Our aim is to help the end users gain similar benefits of this type of virtual environment by becoming more independent from the physical PC sitting on their desk. More on this to come.


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