Partner Program

Refer a new client and earn cash @Datotel

Recently, one of our clients said that Datotel is one of the best kept secrets in St. Louis.  And while that’s an awesome, heart-felt compliment, we don’t want to be a secret. We’ve found that businesses recommended to us by our current clients can become some of our strongest partners with amazing business transformation opportunities. Now, as a client of Datotel, you can take advantage of the exciting benefits offered in the Datotel Partner Program.

As a Datotel Partner Program participant, you can earn up to a one month credit on your bill, without having to sell a thing — just refer a purchasing client to Datotel. We do all the work.

To get started, just let your Datotel Account Representative know who you’d like to refer and their contact info or use our referral form on the right.  We’ll keep you posted on the progress as they move through the sales process.

Download the Datotel Partner Program Guidelines here.

It’s easy:

1. Refer a potential client

2. They sign up with Datotel

3. You count the savings on your next bill