Having the right infrastructure in place can be the difference between success and failure in any business.  Having the right IT infrastructure in place is no exception.  Is your uptime 100%?  Do you have redundancy in your power, cooling and networking?  What happens if you go down?  Learn what true redundancy and 100% uptime can mean to your organization from the story below.


The top executive of a world-wide private equity firm wanted to have network uptime as close to 100% as possible.


The current network went down several times each month at unpredictable times.  There was limited support from the company’s IT support staff and little understanding of how to solve the problem. Far-flung employees over the world were frustrated and major deals were put on hold by unpredictable downtime.

He said he needed a network that was always available, 24/7/365 to support worldwide operations.


Datotel took immediate actions to help him solve those problems:

  • Took over complete control of their IT infrastructure to prevent any disruption in the business operations and offered a predictable backup methodology
  • Stabilized and secured their network


As a result of Datotel’s management services network downtime went from an average of 6 times per month to zero.


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