Do you know how your data is being backed up?  Do you know where your backups reside?  Do you know how quickly you can recover your data?  Learn what true, worry-free backups  can mean to your organization from the story below.  Can you recover?


A company with $20 million of revenue focused on providing environmental consulting and remediation services. It maintained a good reputation in the community over the past 20 years


The company relied entirely on their in-house IT resources to support the daily operations, including media storage, accounting and email communication. The sudden resignation of their CIO interrupted the provision of IT services, and therefore affected their business seriously.

The CEO retained Datotel to conduct an immediate assessment of their IT infrastructure that yielded disturbing results! The assessment revealed an exposure to two major risks equivalent to $150,000. Neither of these risks had been reported by the CIO:

  • The data backup solution had been inoperable for the last 60 days with an adjusted risk of $100,000.
  • All of the software and hardware comprising their IT infrastructure was improperly licensed, exposing the company to $50,000 worth of penalties.

The CEO told Datotel about his needs:

  • Preventing future data loss because of inconsistent or improper backup
  • Avoiding the risk of incurring onerous penalties caused by licensing irregularities
  • A verifiable audit trail for data backup


Datotel took immediate actions to help him solve those problems:

  • Took over complete control of their IT infrastructure to prevent any disruption in the business operations and offered a predictable backup methodology
  • Stabilized and secured their network
  • Improved email communication and spam processing


Datotel overhauled their IT infrastructure within 90 days and ensured the CEO of risk avoidance equivalent to $100,000.


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