Flexibility.  How do you handle the rising cost of maintaining your IT environment?  Is it difficult to determine the size of your IT infrastruce with uncertaintly as to how fast you will grow?  Are you strapped for resources?  Can you respond quickly to the needs of your clients and employees?  Read the story below to find out what one of our clients discovered with the Datotel cloud computing solution.


A privately-held bank specialized in commercial lending and treasury management, as well as trust and wealth management services.


The bank needed a secure IT infrastructure to record transactions, to manage customer accounts and to fulfill government regulations.  As they started their business, it was difficult for them to determine the size of their IT infrastructure with uncertainty as to how fast they would grow.  In addition, to build an internal server environment incurred a substantial amount of capital expenditure, and thereby reduced the resources available for banking investments.

The CEO said that he needed a scalable and secure IT infrastructure to maximize their business flexibility.


Datotel enabled the bank to enjoy a high level of flexibility through the following solutions:

  • Shortened the implementation and the procurement cycles from 90-120 days into less than 30 days, and often into a matter of hours
  • Hosted the majority of their servers and backed up their data on Datotel’s virtual platform
  • Managed and monitored their desktops and delivered the applications
  • Offered network support with nearly 100% uptime and 24/7/365 availability


Datotel helped the bank save a great deal of resources (i.e. capital, time and efforts, etc.) and convert CAPEX into OPEX.  Thanks to a scalable IT infrastructure, the bank could benefit from the flexibility of adjusting their business according to the market environment.


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