Cloud TCO.  How much time does your IT staff work on maintaining your current IT environment?  How do you handle the rising cost of maintaining that environment?  Is it efficient to have a $60k/year employee to maintain your current IT environment?  Are they even effectively managing and maintaining?  Read the story below to find out what one of our clients discovered with the Datotel cloud computing solution.


A leading general contractor had $400 million of revenue and more than 40 years of experience in design and build services, and in construction management.


As the company grew dramatically their IT infrastructure became too complex for them to manage themselves. Around 50% of their employees worked outside the office, creating a huge demand for data communication and networking. Plus, the costs of hardware, software, and personnel were rising at a rate of 10% every year. It was difficult and expensive for them to keep up with the constantly changing technology. Moreover, proprietary “fixes” by some IT staff members made for an unhealthy dependency on certain individuals.  The CEO said that he needed to be able to execute CIO-level strategy for a mid-sized business that was cost effective. He wanted to at least cap the rising costs of IT infrastructure.


Datotel provided him with such capability:

  • Constructed a multitask project to reduce the total cost of ownership
  • Simplified their IT infrastructure by transforming their core system into cloud computing
  • Leveraged Datotel’s expertise in IT management
  • Streamlined the information architecture
  • Standardized their public communication methods


Outsourcing allowed the company to receive high-quality IT services and reduced the total cost of ownership by 20% in the first six months alone.  Datotel enabled them to focus on their core business and to remain proactive in the market.


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