Is your infrastructure secure and protected?  Do you know how your data is being backed up?  Do you know how quickly you can recover your data?  The difference between your network being up or down is one disgruntled employee away?  Learn what having a secure environment for housing your mission critical systems and data can mean to your organization and your peace of mind.  Are you protected?


A large not-for-profit specializing in helping adults with developmental disabilities find the services, support and care they need to reach their highest potential.


The organization had several configuration issues and a less than optimal network design, created by a combination of equipment and implementation choices.  This had lead to increased labor efforts to maintain the infrastructure and a higher level of risk than necessary.   In addition, all of the IT infrastructure to run the IT environment for  the hundreds of locations they support, was in an open room in an old building with little to no security.  They were also in need of a major hardware refresh.

The CEO said that she needed a scalable and secure IT infrastructure to reduce their capital expenses, improve their uptime, and protect them from IT failures.


Datotel enabled the organization to enjoy a secure and stable environment through the following solutions:

  • Decreased the complexity of the switching and routing solution while increasing performance and offering design redundancy
  • Redesigned the network to properly accommodate a data and voice convergence
  • Migrated the IT Infrastructure into our high availability datacenter
  • Assumed Firewall responsibility
  • Migrated to Datotel’s hosted anti-virus and anti-spam solution to ensure proper protection
  • Managed and monitored their desktops and delivered the applications
  • Offered network support with nearly 100% uptime and 24/7/365 availability


Datotel helped the not-for-profit to eliminate a great deal of risk and save a great deal of resources (i.e. capital, time and efforts, etc.).  Thanks to a secure and scalable IT infrastructure, the organization could focus on what they do best, helping spirited people lead spirited lives.  Datotel removed the fear and burden of technology and helped it become a catalyst for accomplishing their mission.


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