The Datotel cloud computing solution creates an environment in which our clients gain access on an as needed basis to virtualized and dynamically scalable computing resources. Said another way, the Datotel Cloud Computing Environment provides access to resources such as storage, virtual servers and desktops through to email and mobile devices, all on an as needed basis. These systems are powered from our own platform supported by our data center and team of engineers. It allows our clients to gain the benefit of cloud computing while still ensuring that they have access to the resources to work with, in an environment for their data that is secure and protected.

Services include:

  • Virtual Servers
  • Virtual Desktops
  • Backup & Data Protection
  • Managed Firewall & VPN
  • Email Hosting
  • AntiSpam & AntiVirus Hosting
  • Blackberry & Mobile Device Hosting
  • Managed Connectivity
  • Storage
  • IT Disaster Recovery
  • Why Patch Management is so important:

    You’ve seen the news and read the articles. The recent ransomeware attack is being called the largest ransomware attack in internet history. But did you now that the damage could have been avoided if those computers had been properly patched? … Continue reading

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