Sustainability Guidelines

One of Datotel’s most important core values is “Improving the community in which we work”. Datotel presents our Sustainability Guidelines to be used by all employees in the day-to-day operations for the betterment of our company.

The ‘green’ movement has brought into the mainstream that sustainability should be a factor in the way we conduct our business. In 2009, Datotel established a Green Team representing management, staff and a variety of departments to manage company-wide sustainability initiatives. Datotel has been a participant in the St. Louis Regional Commerce and Growth Association Green Business Challenge since 2010 and was recognized by Computerworld for our work on improving energy efficiency in the data center.


One of our primary goals is to continually reduce consumption and waste and to promote recycling within our offices.

  • Continue to implement recycling programs that address paper waste and aluminum products.
  • Recycle cardboard and packaging on equipment and deliveries.
  • Collect, donate and properly dispose of unused computer equipment including monitors, printers, laptops and processing units.
  • Make available energy credits/offsets for those clients that are interested.
  • Operate our office in a virtual desktop environment.
  • Switch all office computers and virtual desktops to automatically go to sleep mode after a set time of non-use or discontinued use, reducing energy consumption.
  • Replace bottled water with pitchers of water for all internal and client meetings.
  • Promote teleconferencing or web conferencing for remote meetings when appropriate.
  • Track, monitor, manage and optimize data center energy use.
  • Educate and engage employees, clients and others on the importance of conserving resources, reducing waste and recycling.


  • We are continuing to move toward a paperless work environment. This includes web based invoices, full scanning capabilities, electronic filing system, e-fax documents, electronic policy issuances and digital archiving of historical files.
  • Purchase 51-100% Post-Consumer Recycled Paper Products (Processed Chlorine Free, PCF) for letter paper, envelopes and notepads.


When it comes to purchasing new products or equipment, Datotel’s goal is to enhance our supply chain’s environmental sustainability and, where practicable, seek out environmentally friendly suppliers.

  • Purchase energy efficient computers, servers, printers, copiers and appliances that meet ENERGY STAR rating standards.
  • Use Green Seal, Design for Environment or other certified cleaning products for cleaning supplies.
  • Use products that are locally available, contain easily renewable materials, and have high recycled content.
  • Purchase only low-emitting materials, e.g. adhesives, sealants, paints, coatings, carpet, composite wood and laminate adhesives.

Download the Datotel Sustainability Guidelines

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